Golf Services


The average golfer waits too long before regripping their clubs. Every golfer should regrip their clubs once a year. It is vital to have clean and tacky grips for maximum performance, especially in the summer heat and wet conditions. We offer a wide variety of Golf Pride, Lamkin, Winn and Super Stroke grips. For In-Stock grips our turn around time is 24 hours or less. Special order grips must allow 3 - 4 days.

If you have recently purchased new clubs, we have the ability to save your current grips and install them on your new clubs.


Need to replace a broken shaft or replace your current shafts with the latest in shaft technology? We are capable of re-shafting both steel and graphite clubs. We have the ability to save your graphite shafts with our Mitchell Golf Equipment. If you would like to cut down or extend your clubs we can do so. Fittings for theses new shafts are available by the golf staff upon request.

Re-Grooving and Sharpening

For more spin and better control, clubs can be regrooved like new for maximum performance.

Adjust Loft & Lie

After constant practice and play, iron and wedge lofts and lies drastically change. The average change is roughly between 2 - 3 degrees. This may not seem big, but it is enough to make two clubs fly the same distance.

With our state of the art Loft and Lie Machine by Mitchell Golf, we have the capability to check and adjust the loft and lie on your irons and wedges back to the correct angles. If you would like to add and decrease loft to narrow or widen you distance gap or, adjust the lie to your swing for a more precise direction we can do so as well. Custom Fitting to adjust your clubs to your swing are available by the golf staff upon request.

Please call or see the Pro Shop Staff for more Information regarding our Services.